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Redistribute Process Guard Component

Posted by micki on July 05, 2012, sorted in Unknown Sort

Redistribute Process Guard Component

If  we are satisfied with Process Guard Component, we can redistribute it with our software. This chapter leads us to study how to redistribute Process Guard Component with our software, so please read follows to learn it.
First step, please run 'Process Guard Component User Wizard' and click 'Register' button. After complete these operations, a 'Registration Dialog' will pop up. Now we must input our registration code and set a folder to save the redistribute packet of Process Guard Component. We can get registration code of Proces Guard Component from here. After complete these operations, we must click 'Register' button in Registration Dialog, Ok we can get redistribute packet in the folder which we have set.
Second step, we need to find 'PGuardDrv.sys' file in the redistribute packet and copy the 'PGuardDrv.sys' file into system directory (C:\WINDOWS\system32).

Third step, we need to find 'PGuard.dll' and 'rstub.dat' files in the redistribute packet and copy them into the directory where our software located, then register 'PGuard.dll' com component. We can run reg.bat which was included in the redistribute packet to register 'PGuard.dll' com component. 
Finnally, after we register the component,  we must use our registration key to replace 'PROCESS-GUARD-COM-SAMPLE-TEST-KEY' on 'Register' function in our code. So, after complete these steps, we can disable the AD window of Process Guard Component.
When we write setup program, we can write install script code to complete these works to redistribute Process Guard Component with our software.

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